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We are in the business of health and well-being! We have a deep knowledge of the human body and rehabilitation from young to old, acute to chronic pain, and more than that we have deep passion for business.

At ProMedX we will bring you the business side of wellness. We have a profound understanding of how a treatment centre works, and what it takes to sustain both patient and revenue growth.

We provide you with the step by step of what you need, and how to do it,  plus there is a unique and complimentary revenue stream from the Dr. D’s range of products.

Since 2009, the team at ProMedX has treated over 20 000 patients, with continued patient referral and praise.

What Sets ProMedX Apart?

Dr. Di Stefano is the visionary behind the interdisciplinary therapies offed at ProMedX, and he too is the visionary behind the Dr. D’s range of products, which provide an additional revenue stream for ProMedX. Working with worldwide scientists he is continuously looking for the next phase in pain management, wellness and health.

We Know The Business Of Health and Wellness:

  • Proven operating prototype 
  • Proven business model for almost a decade
  • Operationally sound
  • Adaptable internationally
  • Dual revenue steam – state of the art treatment and technologies, PLUS the constant growth of the Dr. D’s Brand
  • Teachable to others
  • Integrity and commitment

Join Our Team And Together We Will Align Health, Wellness And Business. 

FRANCHISING FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Locations Are Available For Me To Open A ProMedX Sports Injury and Wellness Centre?

We are expanding across Canada with a vision to grow globally.  There are numerous locations available, so please complete the request for information form.

What Skill Set Is Important For Owning A ProMedX Franchise?

The ProMedX concept is reliant on a strong sales and marketing oriented leader who is proficient at interacting with patients in a professional manner.  The success of the business will be directly related to the professionalism, ongoing marketing and networking efforts, and dedication to service.  You will need to develop a strong referral base with many satisfied patients.

We are open to candidates who meet the criteria below:

  • Existing physicians and medical practitioners
  • Former medical industry professionals
  • Entrepreneurs/investors
  • Corporations or business involved in similar businesses (add on)
  • Families /husband/wife teams who would like to start a business.

For more information please email us at info@promedx.ca 

What Will The ProMedX Training Encompass?

As a ProMedX Franchisee you will participate in 2 to 4 weeks of initial training in Thornhill Ontario.  Our team will also provide onsite training at your location for a period of 2 weeks to assist you when you open your location. 

What Support Do I Get From ProMedX In Running My Business?
  • Operational
  • Marketing/Social media
  • Inventory and purchase
  • Accounting/audit/legal
  • Ongoing research and development
  • Franchise sales and overall program oversight

What Is The Cost Of A ProMedX Treatment Centre?

Your investment to become a PromedX franchisee, including your initial training and a turnkey package (including equipment) is approximately $150 000 to $250 000.

Your Franchise fee will be $30,000.

Royalties: 6%

Local store marketing: 4%

National advertising fund: 1%

What Is My Potential Earning Capacity As ProMedX Franchisee?

There are many factors and influences that will shape the success of your business, including local market conditions, skills and commitment of the ProMedX Franchisee. Knowing your patients’ needs will help foster the relationships and promote loyalty. 

With the Dr D’s range of products will also available through your location, this will be an additional revenue stream. The Dr. D’s range of products will also be available through your location, which will provide an additional revenue stream.

Will ProMedX Be A Full-Time Commitment?

Dedicating yourself full time is the most advantageous way to develop and sustain your ProMedX business.


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