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How Being Overweight Affects Mobility

It’s no secret that diet plays an important part in overall health. The amount of food we need to eat depends on several factors including height, weight, age, body type, allergies, and lifestyle. It’s also important to determine what kind of exercise works best for us.

When we don’t eat well or exercise, the resulting extra weight we carry makes us vulnerable to several health complications. One complication is that body movement is compromised. Here are some instances when being overweight can affect our mobility:

1. Joint pain – Extra pounds can take a toll on knees, which support the weight of our upper body. The increased pressure on the joints from added mass leads to pain and, eventually, injury.

2. Limited exercise options – The kind of exercise we enjoy may be limited if our waistline continues to expand. Excessive fat can limit flexibility, strength, and endurance, particularly when we participate in competitive sports. To find out what exercise best works for you, consider getting an exercise prescription from a certified professional.

How Being Overweight Affects Mobility

3. Poor posture – Carrying around extra pounds can put a strain on the spinal cord. Added pressure on muscles and supporting structures in our back can affect posture. Vertebrae shift to try to maintain balance, leading to pain, discomfort, and limited mobility.

To avoid limited mobility due to being overweight, proper diet and exercise can both serve as prevention and a treatment. There are some eating plans and exercise regimens that may not be advisable; consult a licensed, medical professional for guidance.

How Being Overweight Affects Mobility

At ProMedX Sports Injury and Wellness Centre, we provide services like nutritional counselling and exercise prescriptions to help combat these risks while also providing treatments and products that help relieve joint and muscle pain. To contact our centre in Thornhill, Ontario, please call us at (905) 882-7688.

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