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Dr. Fabio Di Stefano – Clinic Director & Franchisor:

Dr. Fabio Di Stefano’s passion for humanity, health and helping others can never be fully expressed on a page. To know him is to feel his deep care and knowledge about the human body and his spirited quest for improvement and optimization, from both the inside and out.

Dr. Di Stefano (also known as Dr. D) is a practicing kinesiologist and has been leading the team at ProMedX for almost a decade.  His deep understanding of the musculoskeletal frameworks and interrelated structures means that the ProMedX team look holistically at physical issues and pain. 

Together with his therapist team they have treated over 20 000 patients in his clinic. He is able to leverage his knowledge derived from seven dedicated years he spent in a sports rehabilitation clinic and apply this to those with injury and those suffering day to day pain.

With his advanced education and experience in Kinesiology and progressive rehabilitation, Dr. Di Stefano knew that there was more to patient care than just physical treatment. Together with a team of scientists, he has brought to life his vision of optimizing health through physical treatment, with the assistance of proven scientific and natural products for body health and restoration. 

Dr. Di Stefano as an entrepreneur has taken rehabilitation and wellness to the next level with a range of products under his name, “Dr. D’s.”  He has leveraged strategic partnerships in science and business to make this innovative range accessible to everyone as they are sold in ProMedX, via retail distribution and online.  Through his journey, he has become an avid speaker and author.  His work is evidence- based and every offering has a unique and innovative dimension.  Each product offers a healthier and more natural way to and promote wellness. 

Dr. D’s years of research and passion have made him an expert on inflammation and its role in the chronic disease. One of his most recent and leading-edge products in the Dr. D’s line up is Bio-Tumeric as one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammation products. 

Meet Dr. D and his team face to face at ProMedX.  You will immediately feel the what true care and commitment to rehabilitation and restoration feels like.   

Scott McCarthy:

Scott has a wealth of experience working with some of the biggest franchise and retail businesses across Canada and the USA. He has spent decades driving growth strategies and leading initiatives to improve business performance. His focus is on identifying new opportunities and best practices that will meet and exceed customer and Franchise expectations and fast-track business growth.

Scott began his career at Tim Hortons as a multi-unit Franchise owner/operator. After ten years with Tim Horton’s, he expanded his horizons and joined Kelsey’s as a Franchise owner/operator.

Late in his career, Scott made a deliberate move into corporate and franchise operations, joining companies such as Sunoco, McDonald’s, Medicine Shoppe/Rexall Inc., Luxottica Retail and Pearle Vision Canada. In that time, he led, planned and opened nearly 200 franchise locations. Scott has held the position of Vice President of Operations at Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters. His entrepreneurial flair, passion for spotlighting his teams’ strengths and motivating new process and systems, enabled the company’s rapid evolution and ability to more than double the business in three years.

Scott is excited to talk with you and share information that is relevant to your decision in becoming a ProMedX Franchisee, as well as consulting to enable the growth of your ProMedX Sports Injury and Wellness Centre.

Shelley Berman: 

Shelley’s goal is simple – to empower small and large businesses to differentiate themselves, and to drive growth alongside measurable results through strategic and tactical marketing. This perspective, combined with her executive experience, ingenuity and success in marketing makes Shelley the go-to person, for companies both corporate and franchised entities looking to evolve.

The focus of Shelley’s early career was in Consumer Package Goods with Colgate Palmolive South Africa. In Canada, Shelley has leveraged her marketing flair in the technology sector as Director of Communications for Mobile Data Solutions Inc., Brand Director at Mars Canada Inc., and Vice-President of Marketing at Cara Foods Inc. for Kelsey’s, Montana’s and Milestones. Shelley also held the position of Vice President Marketing for Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken & Taters, where she was instrumental in shaping the brand’s identity, as well as growing her team to support the five-year strategic plan and grassroots tactical growth strategy.

Her passion for growth blends well with the vision that ProMedX Sports Injury and Wellness Centre has for each of its Franchisees, and can be available on a consultative basis to provide help to Franchisees to enable their marketing and growth plans.

Shelley has a Master of Arts degree in Industrial Psychology, with a key focus on consumer behaviour and customer satisfaction.



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